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Rick And Morty Characters - Tool Development @ DAE


For the course Tool Development in my 2nd year at DAE Howest, For the C# part we had to make a tool which retrieves information from an online API service.
I choose the Rick And Morty API.
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Why does this match the DAE/GD profile?
The Rick And Morty serie is really popular within the Gaming & Comics community. This API includes all the Rick And Morty character including images, and with their associated episodes. These episodes are then linked with another json request. Each Episodes also includes all associated characters.

Navigation instructions:

Overview Page
Overview Page

The page has several options:

Data Source

You can quickly show/hide dead or alive characters, as well can you sort the characters depending on which sorting type you selected.

Page Navigation

Using these buttons you can switch to the next page or go back to the previous page. The max amount of pages also gets updates according to your viewing options.

Search Bar
search bar

Here you search for spesific characters by their name. Enter you your search query and click search. To reset the search results, search on an emtpy name.

Show Dead/Alive

These options can be used to quickly show/hide the "dead" or "alive" characters. keep in mind, some characters their status is unknown so those will be hidden in both options. Selecting an option when another options is selected will cancel that one out. Selecting none of these will revert the results back to the previous characters.

Show Details

When you selected a character in the list, and pressed this button, this will take you to the detail page.

Detail Page

This the details page of the selected character.

Back to overview

Pressing this button will take you back to the overview page.

Save as image

This can be used to save the current page as an image, this image is stored in the "saves" folder located in the executable folder. after saving the correspondng folder will also open.

Download Executable