Isaac Sauer

Game Developer - Music Producer

My name is Isaac Sauer, born in 2000. My passion is all about Game Development, Game Design, Sound Design and Music Production.
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Gameboy Emulator - Gradwork Project @ DAE

Crash Bandicoot - DirectX 11 Project @ DAE

Captain CigArrr - Group Project @ DAE

Grand Dad Mania - Programming 2 @ DAE

Faster A* - Gameplay Programming @ DAE

Game Engine - Programming 4 @ DAE

Rick And Morty Characters - Tool Development @ DAE


Sentry Gun: Made for the Module High Poly in my second year at DAE Howest.

Sci-Fi themed subway station

Made for the module "Environments 1" in my second year at DAE Howest.

Kyoto - City Scene: Made for the module "3D Low Poly" in my first year at DAE Howest.